Echo in an empty room

Ugh! I am feeling so disconnected from the program right now! I feel like I have thrown away weeks worth of hard work in the course of two weeks. I haven’t been to the meetings in about 3 Saturdays and this is my first post in as many weeks. My life regurgitated on me over about 4 days. So I thought no excuses, do what you have to do and keep going. The problem is, I didn’t do that. So while my diet is good, I haven’t done my workouts. And that is because I did not make myself buckle down and commit to the early a.m. workouts that I know I need. Now I feel like I have to start all over in the middle of the program! BUT if that’s what it takes, then so be it. I feel really guilty but I am ready to get back on track. Tomorrow is a new day with a new chance to do better.



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6 responses to “Echo in an empty room

  1. Sherri DeCoursey

    Hey Courtney, good for you for keeping the diet in check even if the workouts didn’t happen. One thing you may want to consider to help get you back into the morning workouts is to attend PR Fitness’s new Tuesday morning class…I think it’s at 6:30am. Maybe getting into a community workout will keep you inspired – I know community workouts are where I get a lot of power to “keep on keeping on”. So, your food is on track and you have blogged again, good jettison the guilt and focus on moving and shaking the rest of this week; you’ll be surprised as how quickly your body remembers!

  2. shawna

    stand up, wipe yourself off, and begin again…if I had a penny for every time it is time to begin again, I’d be a billionaire. You’re present. you acknowledge where you are truthfully….now go for it.

    go get’em girl!

  3. Remrmber baby steps, this is the rest of your life. Just get bacck up dust yourself off and focus on tomarrow will be a better day. It is all about being consistant. Don’t feel guilty or beat yourself up, it will get better. Good job on keeping your food in check! Keep up the good work you will get there it will eventually all come together. Half the battle is just not giving up

  4. Chris

    Geez, everyone stole my thunder, I have nothing to add – haha.

    Courtney, one of the things I talked about in Saturday’s meeting was a reminder that this isn’t a 12 week weight loss program, it’s a lifestyle program, so even if a person doesn’t get fully involved until the 12th week, that is okay. The point is to have a solid, working plan in place that will carry over into the long-term.

    Now is the time to make mistakes, to fall down – this is the time you have support from the program, the group, and from me, so you can screw up and immediately get back on track.

    Keep working the nutrition and find a way to make the workouts and meditation happen. I’m here if you need help sorting things out.

    Join us for the meeting on Saturday if at all possible.

    Be Well,

  5. Jeria D

    No excuses- headed towards j-ville!

  6. Amber

    Girl, I think we’re all rather successful of falling down, getting up, dusting off, and moving on again. 🙂 You’re not alone. Keep on keepin’ on.

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